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Community Pages

Add-On: Communities

Provide curated recommendations for students based on persona, academic majors, industries, skill and background or identity affiliation.

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Communities are an add-on to the virtual career center.
Here’s what’s included:

  • Ability to generate unlimited custom community pages within your virtual career center
    Automatically aggregate all content throughout your virtual career center into one centralized, easy-to-explore page
  • Ability to promote community pages across your virtual career center
    Add community pages to menus, footers, banners, and other calls-to-action to drive engagement with curated content
  • Ability to promote multiple content types in one page*
    Populate your community pages with different content types to help build visibility into all opportunities, resources, and advice relevant to a particular community

*available content includes jobs, employers, resources, and events, as well as any content made available through the purchase of Content Modules

Community pages ensure students and all stakeholders are served up resources, content and opportunities that are most relevant to them

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