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It’s not just career services leaders who love uConnect

We know firsthand how important cross-campus buy-in and alignment can be when leveraging a new tool. For many uConnect partners, capturing support from marketing/communication and IT/security teams are especially key. Fortunately, we have the experience and expertise on-hand to not just appease, but to make their jobs even easier. Here’s a quick rundown on how uConnect can take more work off your plate.

Why marketing & communication teams love uConnect

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of marketing and communication teams who care deeply about ensuring their career services colleagues are set up for success. And the feedback we consistently receive from marketing professionals is a resounding sentiment of excitement, relief, and trust. Here’s why:


Each virtual career center is customized using the specific brand guidelines for every institution, ensuring a seamless and nearly indistinguishable digital experience for students.


Every career services professional will tell you that the information they need to share and communicate with students is constantly changing. uConnect empowers career services teams to quickly and confidently make adjustments as needed without having to add more work to a marketing/communications team.

Curated user experience

The virtual career center platform assists career services teams in providing a curated and smooth user experience. Students and other stakeholders can explore career resources based on their personal interests and backgrounds. If Netflix were serving career services content, it would look like this!

Targeted communications

Career services professionals are enabled to send automated (and unlimited), individually tailored student newsletters—sending students exactly what they need, nothing more or less.

Why IT & security teams love uConnect

We realize the critical importance of robust and well-documented compliance and data security and have worked with hundreds of IT & security teams to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for all parties.

Here are some frequently asked questions that your IT and security teams might have:

How do students/users authenticate with uConnect?

We leverage your existing login process as a SAML SP. This allows us to ensure that interaction with uConnect is streamlined and meets your team’s standards.

What options exist for populating students/users into the virtual career center platform?

We support both CSV file uploads and automatic updates with fields built for you from your own data so you can reach the right students/users at the right time during their career journey. The data typically includes name, email, major, and additional fields, as required, to ensure your team can make the most impact.

How do email communications from the virtual career center platform work?

A full DNS integration with SendGrid allows you to directly send emails securely from your platform while enjoying the high deliverability rate that results from using your own domain as the sender.

Will uConnect engage our students/users? If so, how?

No, uConnect will never engage with your students directly. However, we offer multiple ways for the career services team to engage students via the virtual career center, including targeted email campaigns, automatic campaigns based on student interests and customized RSS feeds to provide to other teams and departments to share updates relevant to those groups.

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