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Inspire students with engaging career videos

Your students are seeking video content to support career exploration. Provide them with curated and vetted videos sourced from best-in-class career content creators.

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Video is the #1 format for content consumption among Gen Z.

In fact, 91% of Gen Z students prefer watching videos for learning purposes, and 76% prefer videos over text-based content. Right now, too many students are getting bad advice from unvetted creators on TikTok and YouTube. With Candid Career+, you can ensure your students always have 24/7 access to the best, most accurate career information out there.

The Problem

Career teams lack the time and resources to create or curate the video content their students want

It’s incredibly challenging for career teams to continuously source, vet, and curate video content to share with students—especially when there are so many interests, topics, and industries that students want to learn about. This lack of access forces students to rely on other platforms to fill the gap, making them vulnerable to bad advice. With limited time and staff, how can career offices meet the increasing demand for career-focused videos?

The Solution

Offer 24/7 access to a robust library of career-focused videos from reputable content creators

Candid Career+ provides career teams access to an expansive video library, home to thousands of career-focused videos that cover a wide range of topics, interests, industries, advice, and more. Building on the foundation of Candid Career, the new Candid Career+ offers videos from best-in-class career content creators, including ADP List, WayUp, and many more. 

Candid Career+ includes:

  • Access to thousands of career-focused videos

    Leverage a robust external video library that ensures all students with varying interests, backgrounds, academic pursuits, learning styles, and goals can meaningfully explore and engage. Students will appreciate a familiar and modern video player style, similar to YouTube and Spotify.
  • Customizable user experience

    Students can create and personalize their profiles to choose which topics are of interest to them and opt-in to receive notifications for new videos they might like. Users can also filter, sort, and search through published videos, making it easy to find videos by industry and career path.
  • Sophisticated admin dashboard

    Build and send emails with your videos highlighted, and easily create, edit, and share curated playlists. Admins will have access to detailed data and analytics to easily track, measure, and report how students engage with Candid Career+.

Featuring top providers
such as…

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Frequently asked questions

I’ve previously evaluated or used Candid Career; is Candid Career+ different?

After gathering extensive customer feedback, we’ve built upon the great foundation of Candid Career and added several enhancements and upgrades. These will be immediately noticeable to anyone who has previously evaluated or used Candid Career in the past. We hope you’ll take the time to re-review so you can fully see and appreciate the scope of what’s been improved.

Where is the video content coming from?

We’re partnering with organizations like WayUp, ADP List, The Muse, Squiggly Careers, and more to enhance and expand the library of Candid Career+. We’re also constantly forging new partnerships with content providers. The current library of Candid Career videos will also continue to be accessible in the library.

Can I upload my own videos?

You can leverage your own video content, whether it’s videos you’ve sourced on your own (like webinar recordings) or videos produced by your institution by streaming videos from any major video provider (like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia).

Fill the critical video content gap for your students

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