Accessibility Policy

uConnect’s Commitment to Accessibility

uConnect is committed to making career services accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This vision cannot be achieved without a firm commitment to accessibility, and we therefore take thoughtful, proactive steps to ensure that our products are designed to support all users, from staff to students, regardless of ability. 

In addition to proactively designing our products to meet our accessibility standards (documented below), we also take special care to fix any accessibility errors as soon as they are identified. These include any issues that are considered failures to meet the WCAG success criteria. All other issues are thoroughly documented and resolved during future maintenance cycles. We always prioritize items that result in blocked content or barriers for users with disabilities, to ensure that we are fostering a positive user experience for everyone.

Accessibility Standards and Documentation

uConnect follows WCAG 2.1 AA compliance standards. For more detailed information and shareable documentation, please find our VPAT below:

Feedback on Accessibility

If you have questions or feedback regarding our accessibility compliance or encounter any barriers using our products, we welcome the feedback at and will be sure to address your concerns.