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We’re a mission-driven team with a passion for making career resources more accessible so everyone has what they need to succeed in work and life.

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Christina Butler What I love about working at uConnect is how everyone is valued. As a team, everyone is invested in each other’s success. People go out of their way to make others feel appreciated for their talents and hard work, and that’s really special!
Shannon Desmond I truly feel lucky to work at a company where everyone feels so strongly about our mission of enabling career services professionals to help support all students. It’s a great feeling to work with different kinds of institutions in support and see the evolution of each school’s platform, and all of the amazing, creative ways our customers are surfacing resources to help students make better and more informed academic/career decisions. Each day at uConnect yields a different opportunity to learn and grow.
Cameron Mansanarez My favorite part of working at uConnect is the strong passion everybody has for their work. This is reflected in the strong talent and aptitude each one of my team members possess. I have never worked at a place where everybody shows up daily with compassion and drive for our greater mission. It’s exciting to be in a place where innovation and collaboration are drivers of our success!
Stephy Miehle It’s so inspiring to see the impact of our work and to know that we are making a difference for our clients and their students. uConnect's company culture is like no other — everyone is so dedicated to our mission and brings something special. It’s a joy to be a part of not just my team but uConnect as a whole; all of our departments support each other, and that’s what makes our community so strong.
Meredith Metsker I love knowing that my work has a positive, real-world impact. I began my career in journalism because I wanted to tell stories of substance and serve my community. Working in marketing for uConnect is a natural extension of that passion. We are dedicated to making career resources more accessible to ALL students, regardless of their background or circumstances, so more people can enjoy fulfilling lives and careers. I can’t think of a better, more timely mission.

Why uConnect is a
great place to work

At the end of the day, we believe empowering the career services profession can help more people pursue fulfilling careers and realize their potential. If you’re looking to use your talents for good, uConnect is the place for you.

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Work from anywhere

As a remote-first company with employees in 17 states and three countries, we fully embrace the “work from anywhere” mentality. We’ve had team members work from the Caribbean for a month, visit family for extended periods of time, work while living the #vanlife, and more!

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Connected team

We can’t meet around the water cooler, but that doesn’t prevent us from forging strong connections with each other. Whether it’s a virtual ice cream social or an employee trivia contest, we prioritize building a fun, inclusive, and connected culture.

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Generous benefits

We offer a number of generous benefits, including unlimited PTO, an annual $500 education reimbursement, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and more. 

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Customers LOVE us

We care deeply about our customers, and it shows. We regularly receive positive feedback from customers about our product and our team members. And we don’t ever take it for granted.

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Inclusive culture

We support causes that are important to team members and hold special employee programs to promote diversity and inclusion.

Meritocratic environment

We foster a meritocratic environment where the best ideas win (and are rewarded) and everyone is empowered to make an impact and help guide the direction of the company.