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uConnect is the first ever all-in-one virtual career center -- a single home for your career resources, data and information.

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Every uConnect platform receives a white-label treatment, ensuring it fully meets institutional brand standards. Everything from logos, to fonts to colors--your platform will provide a seamless digital experience for your stakeholders. After all, your platform should look like it's yours, not ours.

White label treatment

Customizable to meet brand standards

Autonomy to independently update

Seamless digital experience

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uConnect seamlessly integrates the most highly regarded tools used in career services into a one-stop virtual career center. Integrations help institutions realize even greater ROI across the board by increasing visibility and engagement with the resources already being offered.

Integrate career pathway tools from the career center and across campus

Enhance the accessibility of every resource and tool

Increase the ROI of your current tech stack

Provide a one-stop-shop experience for students and stakeholders

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Scale engagement and impact of your career resources by providing curated recommendations at scale. uConnect functionality enables students to receive customized, automated emails--with only the content they actually want, based on their self-identified interests and backgrounds.

Simplify your engagement strategy

Provide a curated digital experience for every student

Enhance usage of your current tech stack

Engage partners from all across campus

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Quantifying your impact and measuring ROI has never been more important given the realities of limited budgets and resources. We'll equip you with the tools necessary to understand and report on your work.

Measure platform engagement and activity by users, pageviews, log-ins and more

Easily capture MoM and YoY activity

Better understand and communicate your ROI of technology investments

Use the data to identify areas of opportunity to increase awareness


Learn more about our key integration partners

Want to enhance your virtual career center ?

Add these modules to inform and inspire meaningful career advancement

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Inform your students

Inform your students with the best labor market info 

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Inspire your students

Inspire your students with a history of proven outcomes

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Use Cases

See how uConnect can help...

Continuing Education

Career Services shouldn’t live in silos

We believe that students shouldn't have to go on a scavenger hunt to take advantage of the many great tools and resources available across campus. Our virtual career center provides an integrated, seamless digital experience that ensures students can access career services at any time, any place and anywhere. 

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With uConnect, Career Services lives in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question answered? Get in touch and we'll be sure to answer any questions you might have about the virtual career center and implementing at your institution. 

How much does the platform cost?

Pricing of the virtual career center platform can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of your institution. Let's connect so that we can provide you with accurate quote for team to review! 

How is this different from my job board (Handshake, Symplicity, 12Twenty, etc.)?

Our virtual career center platform is designed to enhance, not replace, the utilization of a typical CSM or job board. See our integrations page for more information about the specific platforms we integrate with. 

Does the virtual career center platform integrate with [insert career tool of choice]?

Chances are that the answer is "yes!" but be sure to check out our integrations page to get an overview of the different tools we currently integrate with. 

Is uConnect a replacement for my website?

Our virtual career center platform is a comprehensive digital portal for your career resources that is hosted and maintained by uConnect, but integrated with your institutional website. Some of our clients do, in fact, replace their current website with the platform and some choose to use the platform as an added bonus to their website. Either way is cool by us!

How much work does it take to launch a virtual career center platform?

While it typically takes about six weeks for your platform to be launched, we are committed to making it as light of a lift for you and your team as possible! All uConnect clients have a dedicated onboarding specialist to help you through every step of the process. We've also been told that our onboarding portal is pretty great, too--feel free to check it out!

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