Outcomes Data Visualization Module

Showcase historical pathways and outcomes

Leverage your historical outcome data to both inspire prospective students to enroll and inform current students to pursue fulfilling pathways.

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Highlight historical outcomes to inform future pathways

Leverage data you already have

Whether its NACE first destination survey data, alumni outcomes data, or even workforce data for adult learners, this module enables institutions to use the data they already have and makes it accessible via modern data visualization. Filter by graduation year, major, or even identities and affinities so students can see what those who came before them have gone on to achieve.

Highlight the value of a degree from your institution

Institutional specific outcomes data can help stakeholders (including prospective students & parents) have confidence in the value and ROI of an education from your institution. Showing where your alumni are working, their job titles and even wage data (among many other data points) can help showcase what makes your institution (and career services support) unique.

Inspire persistence of current students

Put critical data into the hands of students, faculty, advisors and the broader campus community to provide them with the insight needed to explore potential career pathways, employers to connect with and confidence that the credential earned from your institution will be valued in the marketplace. 

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Facilitate data-driven career conversations from enrollment through graduation

“uConnect's outcomes data visualization makes it possible for us to share this valuable information in a format that's easy to interpret. Having this information on our virtual career center allows us to share our data widely with all university constituents. Our admissions team can share the data directly with prospective students and their families so they can visualize a path to life after Wentworth and feel confident in their investment. At the same time current students can research the career paths of previous Wentworth students from their major.”
Abbey Pober, Associate Director Center for Cooperative Education & Career Development Wentworth Institute of Technology
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