Labor Market Insight Module

Add the best labor market data to your virtual career center

uConnect has partnered with Lightcast (formerly Emsi) to provide students with critical information about the labor market and in-demand careers.

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The Problem

Students lack access and insight into the nuances associated with career paths

Students typically understand what jobs and career paths are out there, but don't have access or insight into things like required skills, salaries, hiring trends and other related information. 

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The Solution

Make labor market data accessible

Scale the impact of your career center by putting critical labor market data at the fingertips of students to help them answer important questions about career opportunities, earnings, employers, skills and more.


Inspire students by helping them see the important connection between education and the future of work

Filter by industry, occupation, and location

Students want to know who they can work for, what jobs are available, and where they might need to live for those opportunities. This module helps you do it all.

Data-informed career decisions

When people have the right data, they can make better choices. Help your students see the trends and know what careers most closely align with their interests and areas of study.

Vision for the future

The labor market insights module is designed to inspire curiosity about what the future holds. This helps students connect what they are learning today to what they can be doing tomorrow.

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About Lightcast Labor Market Data

The data used in this module comes from a wide variety of government and private sources that helps your students get the most accurate picture of the labor market and what industries they could work in, what jobs are available in those industries, what companies are looking for them, how much they can make, and what skills are most in-demand. 

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