How Career Services is Filling the Skills Gap

Join us to learn how two career services leaders are leveraging uConnect’s LinkedIn Learning integration as a resource to provide skill-building content to help students gain the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market.

David Kozhuk
Carol Sharick, Holly Lawrence, David Kozhuk

It’s no secret that developing skills that are aligned with employer needs is a critical component in setting learners up for success after college. What is often overlooked though, is that many skills in-demand by employers aren’t always taught inside the classroom. This is largely due to the fact that curriculum can rarely adapt at the same pace of the dynamic workforce. This reality can often lead to students graduating without some of the critical skills needed to reach their employment goals. 

To aid in this pursuit, many institutions are beginning to adopt the LinkedIn Learning platform, which provides students with access to 17,000+ digital courses as a way to develop in-demand skills that align with their personal and professional goals. And fortunately, career services teams are well-suited to lead the skill-building charge given their tie to both sides of the workforce: the supply (students) and the demand (employers).

University of Massachusetts Amherst has recently adopted LinkedIn Learning and has integrated it as a key resource within two separate career services offices on campus. Join us to learn how CS leaders, Holly Lawrence and Carol Sharick, from UMass Amherst are strategically incorporating LinkedIn Learning as part of their virtual career center and skill-building initiatives:

  • Holly Lawrence, Assistant Dean, Office of Career Success, Isenberg School of Management
  • Carol Sharick, Director of Career and Professional Development, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Holly and Carol will show how they are incorporating LinkedIn Learning into their career services offerings, their early successes, as well as their long-term strategic goals.

Want to learn more about uConnect’s partnership with LinkedIn Learning? Read our announcement.

About our guests

  • Carol Sharick

    Director of Career & Professional Development
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Holly Lawrence

    Assistant Dean, Office of Career Success, Isenberg School of Management
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • David Kozhuk

    David Kozhuk

    Founder & CEO