How to Make Career Everywhere a Reality on Campus

In this session, we’ll talk with panelists Christian Garcia, Nancy Bilmes, and Mike Summers about how they’ve implemented Career Everywhere.

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Mike Summers, Christian Garcia, Nancy Bilmes

Career Everywhere is about embedding career in classrooms, across campus, and beyond so more students can access the resources they need to build meaningful lives and careers.

This modern approach to career services boils down to three key tenets:

  1. Engaging students with career resources before, during, and after college
  2. Providing truly equitable access to all students, 24/7/365
  3. Shifting the role of career services from provider to facilitator

In this session, moderator Meredith Metsker (host of the Career Everywhere podcast) and panelists Christian Garcia of the University of Miami, Nancy Bilmes of the University of Connecticut, and Mike Summers of Lafayette College will discuss how all three institutions have implemented Career Everywhere on their campuses. 

The University of Miami has found creative ways to engage faculty and staff (including a faculty toolkit, a dedicated webpage, and an annual awards ceremony) and embedded live RSS job feeds into every academic department website. 

The University of Connecticut has built one of the most robust and successful Career Champion programs in the country, with over 700 faculty, staff, alumni, and employer participants who have been learning about current career-related trends, resources, and language to have more confident and meaningful career conversations with students. 

Lafayette College holds networking opportunities and programming that focus on helping students build social capital, aligns all career counselors to majors and liaises with faculty to create partnerships, uses their website to make career resources available 24/7, and more. 

We’ll dig into these strategies and more in our session so everyone walks away with tangible ideas on how they can bring Career Everywhere to their campus. 

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About our guests

  • Mike Summers

    Associate Vice President of the Gateway Career Center
    Lafayette College
  • Christian Garcia headshot

    Christian Garcia

    Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Toppel Career Center
    University of Miami
  • Nancy Bilmes

    Director, Center for Career Development
    University of Connecticut