uConnect Introduces Candid Career+: The New and Improved, Premier Video Library for Career Services

uConnect, the creator of the first all-in-one virtual career center, is excited to announce the launch of Candid Career+, an expansive and curated library of career-focused video content.

After acquiring Candid Career in April 2022, uConnect talked extensively with career leaders to gather feedback on how to improve the product. Now, the new and improved Candid Career+ boasts a host of new, in-demand features, including an upgraded and more modern user interface, along with a vastly expanded library of content. This includes all of Candid Career’s existing videos plus additional video content from industry leaders like WayUp, ADPList, Squiggly Careers, Leland, and more. 

“Candid Career has been a staple of the career services technology offering for nearly a decade, with hundreds of institutions relying on it to deliver career inspiration and information through video. With the surge in popularity of video as a format among Gen Z, a tool like Candid Career has become table stakes for career teams to keep students engaged with career services. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the all-new Candid Career+, a more modern, expansive and performant version of the trusted platform so many career teams use today. A result of nearly two years of research and development, we’ve worked tirelessly to address customer feedback, radically expand the video library, and improve the user experience – for both students and admins,” said David Kozhuk, CEO & Founder of uConnect. “Our mission – to make career services more accessible for all – combined with the growing need to meet students where they are, were major factors in our decision to prioritize an upgrade to Candid Career that would better meet the needs of today’s students and career teams. 

It’s no secret that video is the No. 1 format for content consumption among Gen Z. In fact, 91% of Gen Z students prefer watching videos for learning purposes, and 76% prefer videos over text-based content. For career teams who are working to increase engagement with students and meet them where they’re at, providing access to video content from vetted and credible content creators is critical. 

“Gen Z are the ultimate digital natives. For many, video is the primary way they consume content and information, and so they expect that content to be curated, authentic and, importantly, worthy of their time. With Candid Career+, we’re building the YouTube of career advice,” Kozhuk said. “Now career leaders can compete with what some might consider questionable career advice that their students are getting on social media, by providing vetted content in a modern and engaging digital experience.”

Candid Career+ boasts many new (and often requested) features, including:

  • Access to thousands of career-focused videos: An expanded external video library that includes video content from best-in-class content creators, as well as the full Candid Career video library. This robust library shares a wider variety of career advice, insights into more pathways, and is designed to ensure all students with varying interests, backgrounds, academic pursuits, learning styles, and goals can meaningfully explore and engage.
  • Customizable user experience: An improved end-user experience makes it easier for students to create and personalize their profiles to choose which topics are of interest to them and opt-in to receive notifications for new videos they might like. Users can also filter, sort, and search through published videos, making it easy to find videos by industry and career path. 
  • Sophisticated admin dashboard: Career leaders will now have access to an admin dashboard to manage and customize their Candid Career+ implementation. This includes the ability to build and send emails with your videos highlighted, and easily create, edit, and share curated playlists. Admins will also have access to detailed data and analytics to easily track, measure, and report how students engage with Candid Career+.

All current uConnect customers leveraging the Virtual Career Center will have limited free trial access to Candid Career+ and current Candid Career customers will receive a free upgrade to Candid Career+ on April 26, 2024. For more information about Candid Career+ click here.

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