When Should Student Life and Career Services Cross Paths?

uConnect and Anthology join forces with Tracy Lungrin from University of Nebraska-Lincoln to explore the collaboration between Student Engagement and the career center.

David Kozhuk
Lindsey Carter, Tracy Lungrin, David Kozhuk

One goal we often hear from our colleges and universities partners is that they want to engage students with career services earlier in the student journey. This is an incredibly important goal that all career services offices, and institutions at the higher level, should focus upon. In working towards getting students to begin career exploration and development sooner, it is critical to remember that many students won’t be ready to create resumes, pursue internships, or meet employers right off the bat. Such students who engage with their career center and only see job postings and resume services are likely to feel overwhelmed and leave making it very difficult to get them to come back.

uConnect and Anthology have joined hands to help colleges and universities increase early and consistent student engagement with the opportunities that will help them succeed by highlighting important personal and professional development resources that are offered through Anthology’s Engage product, including student clubs, civic engagement, campus leadership, and much more. 

In this webinar, we will hear from Tracy Lungrin, Director of Career Services at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln about the value of student engagement resources from Anthology Engage in her uConnect virtual career center, and best practices she uses to integrate student engagement with the career center. 

About our guests

  • Lindsey Carter

    Senior Product Manager
  • Tracy Lungrin

    Director of Career Services
    University of Nebraska- Lincoln
  • David Kozhuk

    David Kozhuk

    Founder & CEO