Strengthening Support for Diverse Students Navigating Career Development, Recruiting, and the Workplace

Building more equitable systems for supporting the career development and success of diverse students is one of the most important things we must do in higher education, in our recruiting practices, and in the workplace. In this session we’ll be hearing from two experts, Dr. Gregory Shirley of Texas Woman’s University, and Toby Egbuna of…

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David Kozhuk
Toby Egbuna, Dr. Greg Shirley, David Kozhuk

Expanding access is a significant and crucial conversation in higher education. Importantly, this conversation must expand beyond access TO higher education – it must be applied to all of the programs, supports, and services our institutions offer once students matriculate.

Career development is one of the most important experiences students expect their schools to provide them. It is incumbent upon today’s career services teams to provide equitable access to career support that is customized to the different needs of each student, and that prepares marginalized and minority students for the unique challenges and opportunities they may likely face as they navigate the recruiting process and workplace. 

Dr. Gregory Shirley, Associate Director of the Career Connections Center at Texas Woman’s University, has spent over a decade in career services helping build office and institution-wide capacity for better supporting diverse students.

Toby Egbuna is the Founder and CEO of Chezie, the first online community designed to bring transparency to both the workplace experiences of diverse employees, and to the successes and failures of the DEI efforts different companies are taking. 

In this Career Everywhere Conversation, Dr. Shirley and Mr. Egbuna will bring their expertise from two sides of the table. Their combined perspectives will allow audience members to walk away with a greater understanding of the diversity initiatives employers are taking and what they mean for students, some of the common challenges and opportunities marginalized and minority students may encounter along their career development journeys, and how career centers can better support their diverse students and alums throughout. 

About our guests

  • Profile picture of Toby Egbuna

    Toby Egbuna

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Portrait of Dr. Greg Shirley

    Dr. Greg Shirley

    Associate Director, Career Connections Center
    (Formerly of) Texas Woman’s University
  • David Kozhuk

    David Kozhuk

    Founder & CEO