Using Labor Market Data to Scale Career Services

Join us to explore strategies to leverage labor market insights in your virtual career center!

David Kozhuk
Jennifer Schepers, Matthew Miller, David Kozhuk

A recent survey conducted by Strada Education Network found that students who could connect their education to a career were more likely to feel their investment was worth it. Yet, fewer than 1 in 5 students surveyed strongly agreed that their education would be worth the cost. It is becoming clear that a crucial role of the institutional career center is to help students bridge the gap between their academic experience and career. 

uConnect, the creator of the first all-in-one virtual career center, has partnered with Emsi, a leading provider of labor market analytics to universities, to release a module to bring labor market data and insights into its career services platform. Using the module, students can root their career decisions in data by understanding interactive employment trends, direct their academic experience towards a career by deep-diving into education levels, hard skills, and soft skills, and better understand compensation standards using data about annual earnings across industries and geographies.

The labor market data modules provide an infinite world of opportunities for career offices to innovate and engage effectively with students across campus. In this conversation, Jennifer Schepers from Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Matt Miller from Emsi, and David Kozhuk from uConnect explore the potential impact of labor market data in the career center and share their vision for a career center rooted in high-quality data insights, with the help of labor market data. 

About our guests

  • Jennifer Schepers

    Director of Career Services
    Indiana University O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Matthew Miller

    Partnership Coordinator
  • David Kozhuk

    David Kozhuk

    Founder & CEO