How to Leverage Labor Market Data in Your Career Center

Learn about the importance of providing labor market data to students and other stakeholders as a career resource, and best practices for leveraging it.

Laurie Coppola, John Barnshaw

The world of work is in a state of constant flux, with new in-demand skills emerging, hiring trends evolving, and wages shifting across industries. As career services leaders, staying on top of trends is not enough, you must become the expert on the topics and the authority on campus –for students, faculty, staff, and senior leadership. 

In order to be that authority, you must have access to real-time labor market data at all times. 

With detailed analytics around today’s most in-demand jobs, compensation rates, top employers, and more, at your fingertips, you can help students explore potential career pathways and plan for the future of work. 

Join us for a webinar on September 28 at 3 PM ET for a discussion about how to use labor market data in your career center.

John Barnshaw, Vice President of Education Success at Lightcast, a labor data analytics company, will cover the current state of the labor market and share how career services practitioners can equip students, staff, faculty, and others with key information that can help inform pathways, identify skill gaps, discover opportunities, and more. 

Laurie Coppola, Senior Associate Director of the Office of Career Strategy at Yale University, will highlight how she and her team intentionally incorporate labor market insights into their strategy and leverage it to support and bridge the gap between faculty and the career office.

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About our guests

  • Laurie Coppola

    Senior Associate Director, Office of Career Strategy
    Yale University
  • John Barnshaw

    VP of Education Success