How a Virtual Career Center Makes Career Services Accessible 24/7

Join us on March 13 at 3 PM ET to learn how the University of Florida uses the virtual career center to increase engagement.

Doug Leonard
Julia Vollrath
Doug Leonard, Julia Vollrath

Let’s face it, many students on your campus will never physically walk into your career center (for one reason or another). So how can you ensure that you’re giving those students just as much access to your career resources? How can you make sure your efforts are truly inclusive and equitable?

For the University of Florida, a virtual career center was the obvious solution. With over 50,000 students to serve, the career services team at UF knew they needed a virtual version of what they offer in person—something that any student could access anywhere anytime, regardless of circumstances.  

Join us for a webinar discussion featuring Julia Vollrath, Senior Associate Director for Integrated Career Solutions at UF, where she’ll highlight how her career center has leveraged the virtual career center to dramatically increase student engagement. Julia will provide a walkthrough of their platform and share insight into their decision to partner with uConnect, what outcomes they’ve seen so far, and what their experience has been like. During this time we’ll also provide a high-level overview of the virtual career center and how it supports career teams in their efforts to:

  • Optimize their web presence to engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Centralize access to their full range of career tools, content, and resources
  • Scale the work of their team to support every student
  • Increase the support and engagement with all student populations through curated resources, community pages, and more
  • Increase the visibility and credibility of career services within the campus community
  • Drive enrollment
  • And more

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About our guests

  • Doug Leonard

    Doug Leonard

    Managing Director
  • Julia Vollrath

    Julia Vollrath

    Senior Associate Director for Integrated Career Solutions
    University of Florida