Introducing the uConnect x Emsi Labor Market Insights Module

All uConnect clients have access to a 6-month free trial of the new Emsi x uConnect Labor Market Insights Modules! Join us to learn more about the power of integrating labor market data into the career center experience, and how the modules will work and look within your uConnect platform!

Alli Pierpont Faust
Matthew Miller, Alli Pierpont Faust

The uConnect team is extremely excited to announce the launch of Labor Market Insights powered by Emsi into your uConnect platform – now available free for 6 months!

Labor market insight data has not traditionally resided in the career center, but at uConnect we believe it should be a key part of the career experience. Labor markets are rapidly changing with the transformation of industries. A knowledge of employment trends, skills lists, education requirements and salaries is essential to inform a student’s career decisions, and prepare them for the job market. 

uConnect has developed the first labor market insight modules with Emsi that will reside in your virtual career center. Emsi aggregates government and bureau statistics, job postings, online profiles and wage information data from governments supplemented by wage-included job postings to source high-quality real-time labor market data. uConnect brings this data into an interactive and engaging student experience, with high-quality graphics and easy-to-read information about career paths that build a natural curiosity about industries and employment trends at large.

In this webinar, Matt Miller of Emsi will share more about the value of labor market data and how career services professionals and their students can use it to inform decisions. Then, uConnect’s Alli Faust will walk through the details of how it gets set up in uConnect, and what it will look like in your platform!

Please note that this webinar is exclusively for current uConnect clients.

If you’d like to request a recording of this session, please email info@gouconnect.com.

About our guests

  • Matthew Miller

    Partnership Coordinator
  • Alli Pierpont Faust

    Alli Pierpont Faust

    VP of Product