Best Practices for Supporting Student Veterans

Join us on January 31 to learn how career services teams can bolster their support for student veterans.

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Eric Stetson
Director of Engagement and Enrollment

Veterans represent a unique student group on college campuses due to their diverse life experiences, and they often face distinct challenges in transitioning from military service to civilian careers. This is also frequently the case for veterans who are pursuing post-secondary education, as they may require nuanced career support and specialized resources. 

Join us for the first webinar in the series, “100% Engagement” for an in-depth discussion that will cover strategies and best practices for career services teams who are seeking to bolster support for student veterans. Featuring Eric Stetson, Director of Engagement and Enrollment at FourBlock, a nonprofit organization that prepares transitioning veterans and military spouses for careers in corporate America, and a headline partner for uConnect’s Curation Kit focused on veterans.

During this one hour discussion, Eric will highlight:

  • The unique challenges student veterans commonly face as part of the career exploration process 
  • What career leaders should know about best supporting veterans in career development
  • How career teams can help veterans translate the wealth of skills they have from military service into the language of the civilian workforce
  • Best practices for providing nuanced support and resources for veterans 
  • Immediate strategies that can be implemented to increase support for veterans as part of career services
  • And more!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to submit their questions as part of audience Q&A to wrap up the webinar.

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About FourBlock

FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting returning service members in their transition from military service to meaningful civilian careers. Their vision is to build a national professional network where transitioning veterans and military spouses can connect locally and attain the skills, resources, and relationship-building opportunities necessary to reach their career potential.

About our guests

  • eric stetson photo

    Eric Stetson

    Director of Engagement and Enrollment