Best Practices for Supporting First-Generation Students

Join us on April 24 to learn how career services can enhance support for first-generation students.

Yasi Mahallaty
Senior Manager of Innovation

Over 30% of today’s college graduates are first-generation students who entered college with unique circumstances that may negatively impact their journey to career success. These students possess grit, resilience, and determination, making them outstanding candidates for today’s labor market. However, obstacles such as the lack of information, experiences, resources, and social capital so readily available to their peers impede their success and often cause them to be overlooked. Supporting these students in their career journey is a unique opportunity to help them unlock their employment potential. 

Join us for a webinar discussion that will cover strategies and best practices for career services teams who are seeking to bolster their support for first-generation students on their campus. Featuring Yasi Mahallaty, Senior Manager of Strategic Innovation at CareerSpring, a free networking and job placement platform for first-generation/low-income (FGLI) students. CareerSpring is a headline partner for uConnect’s Curation Kit focused on first-generation/low-income students. 

During this one-hour discussion, Yasi will cover:

  • The unique experiences of first-generation students as part of the career exploration process, including being the first to navigate the college and career experience, financial constraints, and imposter syndrome
  • How career leaders can best support first-generation students in career development
  • How to consider adapting career advising, workshops, and resources to meet the unique needs and circumstances of first-generation students 
  • Immediate strategies that can be implemented to increase support for first-generation students
  • And more!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to submit their questions as part of the audience Q&A to wrap up the webinar. 

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About CareerSpring:

A non-profit organization that supports first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) college students and graduates by providing career information, social capital, and job placement services. Our goal is to help increase the social capital of every FGLI student in America to help them find meaningful employment. www.careerspring.org

About our guests

  • Yasi Mahallaty

    Senior Manager of Innovation