Delivering a Virtual Career Services Experience for Online and Adult Learners

OCT 19, 2022, 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET | CONFERENCE BONUS

OSU eCampus serves working professionals primarily seeking to advance their careers. Recognizing their students’ motivations, eCampus leadership knew they had to overcome obstacles and deliver a high-impact career services experience to their online & adult learners. 

The campus career office - accustomed to supporting early careerists - had lots of career resources that were also valuable to students further along in their careers, however only 14% of eCampus students were accessing these resources. 

Instead of building their own career services solution or hiring a dedicated team, eCampus partnered with OSU’s main career center to curate the most relevant digital career information into a virtual career center, dedicated to their working adult population, resulting in radically simplified career services engagement for eCampus students, and a low-risk, highly scalable solution for eCampus staff. 

Join this session to learn the secret to partnering with your campus career center to deliver high-impact career services for your online & adult learners.

About Our Guests

David Kozhuk
Founder & CEO
Kyle Whitehouse
Assistant Director, Student Services

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