Supporting the Career Development of Neurodiverse Students


As we work to ensure our institutions survive and thrive, the importance of focusing on inclusion and accessibility cannot be overstated. In ensuring that our recruiting practices and support services are inclusive and supportive of all students, respective of their unique backgrounds, needs, and interests; students' neurological differences must be considered. Neurodiversity is often discussed in regards to academics and learning differences, but it is also incredibly important to consider when supporting students' career development.

In this Career Everywhere Conversation, we will be hearing from two experts in the relationship between neurodiversity and career development. Dr. Eleanor Loiacono has conducted extensive research on the ways in which a neurodiverse workforce is an asset to employer and the economy. Betina Wildhaber is a Career Advisor with over a decade's experience working in neurological and behavioral health. She is also the founder of, a website of career resources for neurodiverse individuals, the community, and employers. Together, they will be sharing information, advice, and best practices for helping neurodiverse students navigate the unique challenges and opportunities they face transitioning from education to career. 

About Our Guests

Dr. Eleanor Loiacono
Associate Professor of Business Analytics
Betina Wildhaber
Career Advisor - Colleges of Natural Science and Humanities & Fine Arts

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