Strategies for Engaging and Supporting Gen-Z Students with Career Development and Beyond


Members of Generation Z, ages roughly 8 to 23, are our current and future college students. The first generation to be entirely comprised of digital natives, Gen-Z is often characterized by their irrevocable entanglement with technology. There's much more to learn, however, about the unique ways Gen-Z students make decisions and like to be engaged with and supported.

In order to provide the best possible support to our students, it is vital to understand the unique preferences and challenges of each new generation. Especially as we work through the tumult of this year, building informed and empathetic strategies for supporting this generation of emerging adults becomes even more important.

In this Career Everywhere Conversation, we're bringing on two experts on engaging Gen-Z, with specific expertise in the realm of higher education career services. 

Dr. Sheetal Patel is a fourteen-year veteran of creating strategies that engage consumers. Her research has focused on Gen-Z and technology and branding within higher education. Before joining LinkedIn, Dr. Patel spent over 5 years working in career services at Stanford University. Additionally, Dr. Patel is co-founder of 95z, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations successfully engage multiple generations. 

Dr. Kaylee Johnson's research utilizes quantitative and qualitative analytic techniques to uncover strategic insights about career and college readiness among Gen-Z students. Prior to joining American Student Assistance, Dr. Johnson worked in career services, among other student support roles, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

In this session, Drs. Patel and Johnson will be sharing insight from their research, and actionable ways translate those insights into better engagement and support for Gen-Z. 

About Our Guests

David Kozhuk
Founder & CEO
Dr. Sheetal Patel
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Dr. Kaylee Johnson
Insights Specialist

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