Providing Equitable Access to Experiential Learning Opportunities

JUL 28, 2022, 3:00PM-4:00PM ET | NETWORK SHOWCASE

The job seeker’s world has an invisible wall within it. Students from top-tier universities and historically privileged groups often have access to opportunities that students from disadvantaged backgrounds simply don’t. Not only that, access to prominent companies’ recruiters is typically limited to on-campus recruiting, and students from under-resourced backgrounds have to work disproportionately harder to get noticed. 

Forage and uConnect have come together to break these invisible barriers, and provide access to experiential learning opportunities to all students, anywhere and anytime. Forage collaborates with the top companies in the world such as Walmart, Lyft, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BCG, and Accenture to create open-access job simulations, now accessible to all students within the uConnect virtual career center platform. Students who complete these simulations are 2x more likely to get an interview, and 4x more likely to receive an offer. 

Join Eileen McGarry, Executive Director of Career Services, from UNLV as she talks about how she’s leveraging Forage courses within her uConnect platform to provide equitable access to opportunities for their large and diverse student population. She will be joined by Mahak Hassan from Forage and David Kozhuk from uConnect.

About Our Guests

David Kozhuk
Founder & CEO
Mahak Hassan
Education Partnership Manager
Eileen McGarry
Executive Director of Career Services

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