How Career Services Will Impact the Future of Higher Education and Our Society

DEC 18, 2022, 12:00 - 12:30PM CT | CONFERENCE BONUS

Helping the next generation of leaders discover and launch meaningful careers has always been core to the mission of higher education, yet far too often this work is deemed the primary responsibility of just one underfunded and understaffed office. 

The immense disruption of 2020 has opened up an opportunity for us to reimagine nearly everything we do in higher education. As we construct new systems for educating our next generation of leaders, intentional career development must be more deeply integrated into every part of the student experience - for the benefit of students, institutions, and our society. And in today's world, that all begins with a comprehensive digital presence that is centered around integration and inclusivity.  

In this 30-minute conversation - a Bonus Session for MPACE (Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers) Conference attendees but open to anyone - we'll be discussing how career services professionals are at the center of preparing our next generation of leaders to tackle our society's biggest problems, and how emphasizing integration, inclusivity, and digital accessibility in the work of career services will profoundly benefit our students, our institutions, and our world.

About Our Guests

David Kozhuk
Founder & CEO
Dr. Daniel Pascoe Aguilar
Associate Provost, Immersive Learning & Career Design

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