How Career Services Can Help Drive Enrollment

NOV 8, 2022, 3:00PM-4:00PM ET | NETWORK SHOWCASE

Amid a national decrease in higher education enrollment, Illinois Institute of Technology drove the highest enrollment in about 40 years this semester by centering their recruitment strategy around career readiness. 

Thy Nguyen, Associate Vice Provost for Student Engagement and Career Services at IIT, and his team partnered with colleagues in enrollment management to build a virtual career center full of resources both teams use to recruit, enroll, and retain students—and set them up for success after graduation.

Why? Because today’s learners (and their parents) care deeply about the return on investment in higher education. Rather than operate in siloes, IIT’s career services and enrollment teams combined resources to tell a compelling story about the ROI of a degree from their institution. 

Join us on Nov. 8th for a webinar with Thy to learn how he built such a successful partnership with enrollment management. 

Thy will share:

  • How IIT recognized the need/opportunity to make career resources the lynchpin of their recruitment efforts
  • An overview of the partnership between career services and other teams across campus (and early results)
  • Specific strategies and tactics used by enrollment teams to promote career resources
  • How creating a campus culture of career readiness has impacted retention efforts in addition to new student enrollment
  • How IIT uses outcomes data as a key selling point in recruitment marketing
  • And more!

About Our Guests

Thy Nguyen
Associate Vice Provost for Student Engagement & Career Services

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