How Higher Education Will Sustain Itself: Insight from Boston Consulting Group's Sacha Litman


It's no secret that higher education, already under pressure to adapt for years, has faced a reckoning in the wake of COVID-19. Many of us have been left wondering, how are institutions adapting to survive and thrive through the unprecedented challenges of this time? 

Even for those of us who work in higher education, there isn't always transparency into the answers to this big question - at the individual institutional level or beyond. 

Sacha Litman, a Partner and Associate Director with Boston Consulting Group's Higher Education, Employment, and Welfare Practice, works with diverse higher education institutions and systems to help them adapt and succeed through change. 

With expertise in using Advanced Analytics to help educational institutions drive decision making, strategic enrollment, improved outcomes, and financial sustainability; as well as experience leading multiple COVID-19 engagements focused on helping colleges and universities reopen and stay open, Sacha will be sharing insight into the ways postsecondary institutions are assessing financial health, adapting to our new reality, and what we can expect for the future of our industry. 

About Our Guests

Sacha Litman
Partner and Associate Director, Higher Education and Employment Practice

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