Career Services: The Mutual Responsibility of The Career Center and Alumni Relations


The importance of social capital for students and alumni to progress in their careers is undeniable. A classic study once estimated that half of all jobs come through networks and connections. This number could be higher in today’s age of hyper-connectivity and social media. Yet, a 2019 study by Strada-Gallup found that only 9% of undergraduates reported their alumni network as helpful. Universities have to be looking for ways to increase the utilization of alumni networks and improve their students’ social capital. With this in mind, uConnect, provider of the first all-in-one virtual career center, and Peoplegrove, a provider of highly engaging virtual communities for university prospects, students and alumni are pleased to announce a joint webinar to explore how collaboration between alumni relations and career services can accomplish this goal 

The webinar will feature Carol Bassie and Dr. Daniel Pascoe Aguilar from Drew University, moderated by David Kozhuk from uConnect and Matt Kelly from Peoplegrove. The webinar will explore the following questions: 

  • What is the role of institutional vision and goals in encouraging career services and alumni collaboration? 
  • What is the highest ideal of career services? How should alumni fit into the ultimate vision for career services? 
  • How can alumni relations benefit from career services? 
  • How can students benefit from exposure and interaction with alumni?



About Our Guests

David Kozhuk
Founder & CEO
Dr. Daniel Pascoe Aguilar
Associate Provost, Immersive Learning & Career Design
Carol Bassie
Director of Alumni and Parent Communities
Matt Kelly
Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications

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