What We Do

uConnect creates custom websites and recruiting applications designed to help colleges and universities provide richer career development and job search services to their students.

Platform Benefits

uConnect’s technology makes it easy for campus career service professionals to keep their students, alumni and employer networks engaged in order to centralize campus recruiting activity on their own website and job board.

A new user interface and pleasurable user experience

It only takes three seconds to form an opinion about an institution based on their website. Many students today are migrating to third-party job boards in search of better design, content and user experience. uConnect turns static career center websites into a vibrant campus recruiting platform designed to serve their students’ career development and job search needs right on the .edu.

Reach your students with career news, events and jobs

Weekly email newsletters and opportunistic social media posts are not enough to successfully keep today’s students engaged. uConnect’s marketing and communication tools empower career center staff members to effectively reach their students when, where and how they want to be reached – via email, social media and mobile.

Empower the broader campus community

The career center staff can’t do it all. uConnect’s positions a school’s website as a place for faculty, alumni, recruiters and even fellow students to share career advice, promote events and highlight job opportunities in one central location.

Attract employers and alumni to recruit students

3 out of 4 companies are unable to visit all of the schools on their target list. Posting on traditional job boards can be tedious. uConnect’s suite of online recruiting tools makes it easy for companies to interact with and recruit students remotely through innovative applications like job challenges for students.

Centralize campus recruiting activity

Schools have tremendous career resources for students, but so often these resources are overlooked and underutilized. uConnect’s inbound marketing tools help schools drive traffic to their existing job board and any other online resources offered to students.

Gain unique insight

You know your web strategy is working. More students are attending your events, more postings are showing up in your job board and more students are answering your exit survey. uConnect helps you capture all your data and statistics and presents it with visual charts and graphs to support your hard work and thoughtful strategy.

What People Are Saying

Executive Director, Bentley Career Center

Susan Brennan

“Our new website is the face of Bentley Career Services. It allows us to promote news, events and recruiting opportunities like never before, really sparking an interest in career development.”

Director of Internships, Chase Career Center

Kim Figueroa

“The Recruiting Edge has changed the way we operate. Our staff loves using it and students are relying on it as an all-in-one campus recruiting resource. We’ve also been receiving an influx of inbound requests from employers and alumni who have been to the site.”

Marketing & Communications, Boston College Career Center

Kelly Alice Robinson

“We wanted to add design and functionality to our career website. uConnect took control and delivered a great solution that helps us keep students and employers engaged on our own website.”

About Us

The recent rise in the cost of education has been prominent, yet student outcomes continue to suffer. A recent study conducted by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University found that over 50% of bachelor degree holders under the age of 25 are either unemployed or working in a job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. College and university career centers stand the best chance to solve this problem however many are under resourced and struggle to impact student success in a scalable way. uConnect has set out to make sure students can rely on their own school’s career center to help them transition into rewarding careers.

Director Of What To Do

David KozhukLinkedIn

David manages the company’s day-to-day operations. He spends most of his time on platform development, making sure existing clients are happy and finding new ones. David is also always looking for superstars to join his team. If you’re looking for a job and love higher education, technology, or you just miss college and want to relive the dream a bit, let him know!

Director Of How To Do It

Patrick CarrollLinkedIn

Patrick has been in charge of the company’s technical strategy and execution since day one. He has been playing with computers since he was nine and loves to think about how to leverage technology to solve large-scale problems. Patrick’s background working for technology companies in marketing and IT roles brings unique insight and knowhow to the management team.

The Company

uConnect has a tremendous team of software engineers, web designers and business development professionals from all walks of life. The team is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals from the start-up world, large companies and even the higher-ed community. If you want to meet the team, come visit us in the LearnLaunchX office in Boston.

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