uConnect & Symplicity

With this integration, you can seamlessly pipe opportunities, employers, and events from Symplicity into your uConnect platform.


Our integration with Symplicity enables you to automate the import of your jobs, employers, and events to create a streamlined workflow for you and your staff. Publishing job and event content on your uConnect platform increases its visibility by promoting it alongside your other valuable career resources. Your uConnect platform is open-facing so prospective students, parents, faculty, and other key stakeholders can now see the valuable content that lives in Symplicity—and they’ll be redirected into Symplicity to engage with it. 

Increase engagement by driving relevance

Jobs, employers, and events from Symplicity will appear alongside thematic videos, blogs, mentors, resources, labor market data, and other relevant career content, helping students build connections and make sense of their career journey. 

Auto-tagging and publishing 

Our auto-tagging feature makes it easy for you to publish the resources in the most relevant digital career community. 

Promote equitable access

Promote jobs, employers, and events to underrepresented groups by publishing them within identity communities.