uConnect & PeopleGrove

Enable students to build social capital and access essential mentorship resources by leveraging our integration with PeopleGrove.


Our integration with PeopleGrove enables institutions to seamlessly pull in mentors and feature them alongside valuable, curated career resources. The mentors can be featured within large, colorful widgets within thematic career communities, and they can also be accessed through a standalone mentors page. The integration has a one-click setup, and with the help of the capable client success team, you’ll be able to feature your PeopleGrove mentors on uConnect in no time. 

One-click setup

Click a single button within PeopleGrove, and alert our team.

Intelligent categorization 

The topics and categories that PeopleGrove mentors are interested in are intelligently captured and auto-tagged by uConnect. 

Privacy first 

Mentors always have the option to opt out of being featured on uConnect.