uConnect & LinkedIn Learning

Our integration with LinkedIn Learning empowers career centers to curate skill-building content for students and alumni directly in their virtual career center.


The courses from LinkedIn Learning appear within thematic online digital communities alongside curated internships, jobs, alumni mentors, professional clubs, and organizations to help students make connections between hard and soft skills. Courses are available directly within the admin dashboard and appear auto-tagged into digital communities, making them easy to publish and update regularly. Clicking on the course content will take students directly to their LinkedIn Learning portal, enabling them to engage with targeted skill development frequently and seamlessly. 

Easy setup 

All we need is your LinkedIn Learning API key to turn on your integration. 

Engaging presentation  

Courses appear via attractive widgets in the career communities and can also be accessed on a standalone page. 

Skill-building focus

The ability to choose and curate which courses appear gives career services professionals the tools to empower students on their skill-building and job-seeking journey.