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Case Study

Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management

Provo, UT
School Size:
Program Type:
School of Business / Management
Students Served:
Undergraduate and Graduate
Why BYU Chose uConnect
Supporting underserved student populations

Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management serves approximately 1,200 graduate and 2,000 undergraduate students under the mission to ‘To attract, develop, place, and continue to engage men and women of faith, character, and professional ability who will become outstanding leaders and positively influence a world we wish to improve.’ Leaders within the Marriott School Business Center, focusing on providing career education resources and connecting students to employers and internship opportunities, were seeking ways to grow visibility and specifically boost engagement and collaboration with their campus community and utilization of career resources.

The Solution
Promoting content to specialized audiences

The uConnect platform is engineered to reflect and promote the brand standards of each individual institution that we partner with. As new clients are onboarded, they gain ownership over a dynamic, powerful platform that looks and feels native to their organization.

The Marriott School career services staff began implementation of the uConnect platform in the Fall of 2015. One of the primary goals of the project plan was to create online career communities for each academic area, both undergraduate and graduate. With the creation of these communities, students identifying with a specific academic area would be guided to engage with subject specific news, advice, event, and internship opportunities relevant to their areas of professional interest. The Business Center also wanted to leverage the valuable perspective of their student club population and thus extended platform access to Marriott’s 15 active student organizations, allowing them to post member generated content. The BYU Marriott School Business Center has long embraced a culture of targeted content development to benefit members of the Management School community, and the implementation also allowed for staff to target student populations with customizable, and completely automated marketing campaigns - further extending the reach of the department.

Increased utilization, improved engagement

Since implementing, the Business Center’s commitment to developing and promoting varied, relevant, and high quality content has continued to cultivate the receptivity of students. At the end of 2016, nearly half of Marriott School students had signed up to receive personalized alerts and emails according to their area(s) of interest, with an average historic open rate of 55% for the year. BYU’s CareerLaunch website received 82% more visits in 2016 than 2015, and early figures for 2017 show an additional increase.


  - High engagement with targeted career content

  - Collaboration with student organizations

  - Significant increase in resource utilization

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