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Client Directory

Check out which of your peer institutions are leveraging uConnect and what their platforms look like!

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Case Studies

Learn how other institutions leverage uConnect to increase engagement with career resources, tools, and information.

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Use Cases

Learn about the key reasons why institutions are making the virtual career center a foundational part of their strategy.

Portrait of Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe

Assistant Vice Provost Center for Career Development

University of Connecticut

“uConnect is bringing the most advanced marketing technology to the career center. Implementing uConnect has strengthened our department’s virtual presence with students, employers, and university constituents. Since our launch, visibility and engagement with our department has increased dramatically.”

Portrait of Megan Baeza

Megan Baeza

Director of Internships and Employer Relations

University of Texas Permian Basin

“I’m not going to lie, uConnect makes Maribea [Merritt] and I look like all stars in our department. If you don’t have uConnect, you’re missing out.”

Profile picture of Monica A. Clem, Ph.D.

Monica A. Clem, Ph.D.

Vice President, National Career Center

Teach For America

“uConnect’s approach to client onboarding and support is truly unmatched in the industry. Thank you for your partnership in helping us create something innovative, new, and incredibly valuable to our network. We could not have done it without your team!”

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