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Pre-Conference Virtual Session, Wed., July 19

12:00-1:00 EST

Zooming Out: Creating the Roadmap for Career Everywhere at Your Institution

During this 1-hour pre-conference virtual session, you will be guided through a series of reflections and activities designed to help you develop deeper understanding of the priorities at your institution. To make Career Everywhere happen on your campus requires a tailored approach and contextually relevant strategies. Put simply: Career Everywhere at your institution cannot and should not feel like it could be Career Anywhere at any institution. Join Karyn and Kevin for this virtual session to start putting together your custom roadmap to Career Everywhere. You’ll come away with a practical understanding of what matters most, who matters most, and the key questions you need to be asking.

Headshot portrait of Karyn McCoy

Karyn McCoy

Associate VP of Alumni, Career, and Corporate Engagement at University of St. Thomas

Headshot portrait of Kevin Grubb

Kevin Grubb

Associate Vice Provost of Career and Professional Development at Villanova University

Day 1: Tuesday, August 1 – In person at MIT Samberg Center


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Day 1 Welcome


Zooming In: Driving Change and Building Buy-in for Career Everywhere at Your Institution

Build on your learning from the 1 hour pre-conference session during this deep dive on influencing the influencers and identifying your approach to change as part of your Career Everywhere movement. Karyn and Kevin will lead you through more reflection and discussions with fellow participants, enabling you to explore how your Career Everywhere strategy is unique to your institution and how your approach to driving change is unique to you. At the end of this session, you’ll put together your landscape analysis with your knowledge of organizational change to develop the next steps to evolve Career Everywhere at your institution.

Headshot portrait of Karyn McCoy

Karyn McCoy

Associate VP of Alumni, Career, and Corporate Engagement at the University of St. Thomas

Headshot portrait of Kevin Grubb

Kevin Grubb

Associate Vice Provost of Career and Professional Development at Villanova University


Bringing Career Everywhere to PennWest: A Case Study

Learn how the PennWest University Career Center team strategically developed and implemented their Career Everywhere initiative at a newly integrated university. Followed by moderated discussion.

Profile picture of Josh Domitrovich

Josh Domitrovich

Executive Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development at PennWest 


Fireside Chat: Reimagining and Repositioning Career Services

Learn how Johns Hopkins University prioritized life and career outcomes and repositioned career services to be part of a newly created division focused on the new philosophy of integrative learning and life design to better integrate career exploration, experiential learning, mentoring, skill development, and connections into the academic journey of all students regardless of background or social capital.

Farouk Dey

Vice Provost of Integrative Learning & Life Design at The Johns Hopkins University


Evening Reception

Enjoy the company of fellow attendees and one of the best views of Boston’s famous Charles River and the historic skyline. (But really, check out this view!)


Organized Dinners or Dinner on Your Own

Sign up to join a group at a nearby restaurant with pre-set reservations or enjoy exploring out on your own!

Day 2: Wednesday, August 2


Arrival & Light, Grab-and-Go Breakfast


Welcome Remarks

susan brennan portrait

Susan Brennan

Assistant Dean of Career Development at MIT Sloan School of Management


A New Model for Career Services

uConnect Founder & CEO, David Kozhuk, will discuss his rebuttal to Ryan Craig’s Abolish Career Services article, including insights about the current state of the career services industry, where it’s headed and how thought-leading institutions are shifting their strategy to build a culture of “Career Everywhere” on campus.

David Kozhuk

David Kozhuk

Founder & CEO, uConnect


Breakout Sessions

Leveraging the Power of Your Website to Scale Your Reach and Impact

Briana Randall

Briana Randall

Executive Director of the Career and Internship Center at the University of Washington

Engaging Families with Career Services

Headshot portrait of Sarah Perrone

Sarah Perrone

Director of Career and Professional Development Services at Arizona State University




Breakout Sessions

Scaling Student Engagement with Career Services

Toni Rhorer square headshot

Toni Rhorer

Executive Director, Career Management Center, Rady School of Management at University of California, San Diego

Scaffolding the Engagement and Success of Historically Underrepresented Student Populations

Daniel Pascoe Aguilar

Founding Director, Center for Social Justice & Chief Diversity Officer, Excelsior University


Lunch & Learn: Navigating Anti-DEI Legislation and What Career Leaders Need to Know

Grab your lunch, take a seat, and listen in to this moderated discussion to better understand the realities of DEI legislation and the potential impact to the career center.

Madeleine Rodriguez

Partner and Co-Chair, Education Industry at Foley Hoag LLP

Joseph Catrino

Executive Director of Career & Life Design at Trinity College-Hartford




Breakout Sessions

Panel Discussion: Proactively and Strategically Partnering with Admissions

Headshot portrait of Sharon Belden Castonguay

Sharon Belden Castonguay

Executive Director of the Gordon Career Center at Wesleyan University

Creating a Career Champions Program

Portrait of Nancy Bilmes

Nancy Bilmes

Director of the Center for Career Development at the University of Connecticut

Amelinda Vazquez Rossitto

Senior Associate Director, Center for Career Development at the University of Connecticut


ChatGPT: Navigating the AI Revolution in Career Development

In this featured session, Melissa Webster from MIT Sloan School of Management highlights the impact of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, on career development. This session equips career development professionals with a foundational understanding of genAI. Drawing from her research and hands-on use of ChatGPT in teaching and advising, Melissa will illustrate the practical applications for career development and discuss implications for career coaching and recruiting. The session will also empower you and your teams with strategies to incorporate ChatGPT now for innovation and efficiency. Dive into the fascinating world of AI and unlock new avenues for career development.

Portrait image of Melissa Webster

Melissa Webster

Lecturer, Managerial Communication, MIT Sloan School of Management




Systemically Partnering with Faculty

When faculty are actively engaged with the career center (and knowledgeable about what resources and services are available), they can have more meaningful career conversations with students. But how do you reach those faculty members? In this session, Branden will share strategies and advice for how to go about meaningfully and systemically engaging faculty with the career center.

Branden Grimmett

Vice Provost of Career and Professional Development at Emory University


Establishing and Advancing Your Value Proposition

How can you and your office become known as the thought leader on campus for all things related to career pathways and outcomes? Manny will highlight practical suggestions and share examples that will empower you to enhance the awareness of you and your team’s value proposition.

Harvard OCS’s Manny Contomanolis

Manny Contomanolis

Director, Mignone Center for Career Success, Harvard University


Work on Your Career Everywhere Workbook

Use this time to take what you’ve learned from previous sessions to complete the project planning section of your Career Everywhere workbook. Presenters will be available to support and answer your questions.


Closing Remarks & Program Wrap Up