How Universities Can Help Students Navigate Post-Graduation Immigration Options


For international students and young alums, the uncertainties faced by all college students and job seekers today are compounded with questions around reentry into the country, visa status, and work eligibility. In May, we hosted a webinar to discuss supporting international students during the global pandemic; the response to this webinar was incredible, clearly highlighting the need for student success professionals to have access to more information on this topic. To help offer such information, we are presenting a second webinar on the vital issue of supporting the career success of international students.

In this Career Everywhere Conversation, Jeff Goldman and Kasia Loor, two expert immigration attorneys, will be sharing facts and information on the various immigration pathways international students can take upon graduation, depending on their unique career pathways and plans. They will also share strategies and opportunities for international students who wish to remain in the United States but are not pursuing a traditional career pathway with employer-sponsored immigration options, including discussion of how universities can start their own ‘entrepreneur in residence programs’, or outsource them.

About Our Guests

Jeff Goldman, Esquire
Kasia Loor, Esquire
Senior Immigration Associate

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